is an instrumental trio formed by Davide Lorenzon, Michele Pedrazzi and Chris Hill. The three musicians, already known as experimenters in the Berlin scene, are also the people behind crossover labels such as Aut Records and Average Negative.

Echo Chamber is a natural convergence of similar approaches: jazz-influenced structures, drive and electronic complexification. But Echo Chamber is also the very opposite of an affinity bubble: it is looking outside itself, constantly dismantling clichés and probing directions.

Davide Lorenzon - tenor saxophone
Michele Pedrazzi - synthesizer
Chris Hill - drums

Antinodal EP out now

Tour Dates

20.09.18 - Bar 21, Berlin
28.09.18 - Sowieso, Berlin feat. Lina Allemano
29.09.18 - Sowieso, Berlin feat. Johannes Fink
03.10.18 - Hosek Contemporary, Berlin
16.11.18 - Colorificio Kroen, Verona
17.11.18 - Inascolto, Bergamo
18.11.18 - Argo 16, Venice
19.11.18 - Cantina Cenci, Tarzo
30.11.18 - Antinodal EP Release @ AUT NIGHT, Westgermany, Berlin
23.01.19 - Sowieso, Berlin
24.01.19 - Sowieso, Berlin feat. Dag Magnus Narvesen
20.02.19 - The Social Music Series, Panda Theater, Berlin
04.06.19 - Cafe Tasso, Berlin


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Photo: Dimitri Lauwers